20/2: GRAFFITI (4)

Posted on December 10, 2012


California native Upendo Taylor  collaborated with Marcus on one of his 20/2 still shoots: GRAFFITI! Marcus wanted to find an artist with some street cred, and we instantly thought of our friend Pen.

20/2: GRAFFITI (4) from Swanson Studio on Vimeo.

Pen is a very talented artist who recently left the streets of Portland for CHI city! It was a fun process to see Marcus and Pen toss around different ideas for how to collaborate. The final decision was an 8-step artistic process: Pen drawing on luan wood panels, Marcus photographing those drawings, the studio projecting Pen’s drawing on our outside wall, Marcus shooting our beautiful model in front of the projected drawing, our retouchers touching up that imagery, having the imagery printed, inviting Pen back to the studio to draw on the printed image with paint pens, and lastly Marcus photographing the final illustrated piece.  It was intense!  In order to make this shoot happen we had to recruit one of Portland’s talented stylists, Victoria Mesenbrink, and the city’s new hair-and-makeup artist to the stars, Miss Kelly Peach.

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This shoot was so much fun thanks to our energetic crew.  We want you to feel like you were part of the shoot too… check out the video!